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Show Review : Angus Stone at the Cabaret du Mile-End


Last night, I was lucky enough to attend a sold-out show at the Cabaret du Mile-End. Finally getting to see Angus Stone live not only made me incredibly happy, but I could tell by the people there and the atmosphere surrounding us that I wasn’t the only one feeling that way.

Up first were the Tumbleweed Wanderers. As a frequent concert-goer, I’ve seen my share of opening bands. The great thing about openers is the chance to discover something new and this alternative band from Oakland, California did not disappoint. Whether you are into blues, folk, Rock’n’Roll or soul, you will most probably find something in their sound that you’ll love. It was to songs like “No Longer Waiting” and “So Long Blues” that really showcased the bands vocal talents; their voices almost becoming instruments of their own. The crowd couldn’t help but sing-a-long to their catchy lyrics and dance a little, and neither could I. “Take It Back” really made me want to go dance around a tree quite honestly, and I loved it. Although they are a young band, the soul that they put into their music really showed and I wish them nothing but the best and hope they continue to “Roll with the Times”.

A person once described Angus Stone to me as an “Australian Outback Desert God”. Not to say that I’m completely biased but I can very much agree with this statement. Most of you probably know Angus from being the brotherly half to Angus and Julia Stone. This time around, Angus has been touring promoting his latest album “Broken Brights” solo. As soon as he set foot on stage, and started playing “River Love”, a complete silence, rarely witnessed at shows, imposed itself. The crowd was in awe. “Hey, Hi Montreal” were his first words to the crowd as he went on to play a song dedicated to his friend Bella who passed away. It sounded so true and honest, as if we were there in the midst of it all. He surprised us with more “Angus and Julia” songs like “Yellow Brick Road”, “Black Crow” and “Big Jet Plane” which got everyone singing along and even though Julia wasn’t there with him, you felt her presence.

More introductions to songs followed as he told us how he once watched a documentary on buffalo migration and how the song “Bird on the Buffalo” came to life, and how the passing of his dog turned into the song “The Wolf and the Butler”. These inspirations are one of the many reasons why I admire Angus so much. He turns any situation or memory into a story and as the music plays, they come to life as images start pouring in. Not only is his voice intriguingly one of a kind, but his writing is as well. I don’t think I can name another artist who can manage to grab you by the wrist and pull you into such stories with him. Finally, as he played the last song “Wooden Chair”, I couldn’t help but wish for another album and tour as fast as possible. There is no doubt in my mind that his career will continue to grow and that he will be back soon ready to share more tales with us.

“Take care of each other and I’ll see you soon, I’m sure.”

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