Music News — October 1, 2012 at 21:53

hitRECord Fall Tour : Joseph Gordon-Levitt


Today, our favorite triple-threat Joseph Gordon-Levitt announced a fall tour with his online company. As if he wasn't busy enough promoting “Looper” (which by the way, he is absolutely amazing in), Joe will be hitting the road with “HitRECord On The Road”

In a previous post, I told you all about hitRECord and how it has been since 2010, a resource for artists of any kind all around the world to share and create diverse projects. In November, they will be bringing art to life while the show plans to showcase video, music and writing by members of the site. Not to mention, Joseph will be hosting and participating in sketches, readings and musical numbers. Something I wouldn't want to miss.

With the release of their music compilatio

n “Move On The Sun” this past August (now available on iTunes), I don't think we could ask for better timing.

However, the tour will not be coming to Canada but if you are down for a road trip, here are the dates:

Tickets will go on sale October 5th at 10 am.




  2. LETS DO IT!!!!