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40 Sons


_MG_380240 Sons is a rock band who came together in the spring of 2004. Since then, not only have they won tons of awards including Local Group of the Year at the 2007 Hamilton Music Awards and Breakout Artists at the Roger Spring Music Festival, but they are also creating their own style of alternative rock by combining melodic vocals, pulsing rhythms and heavy guitar riffs.

“From Vancouver to Montreal, 40 Sons announced themselves as a band to be watched including conquering numerous big festivals and sharing stages with iconic artists as Ozzy Osbourne, Black Label Society, System of a Down, Disturbed, Atreyu, Gord Downie, Default, 54/40, Econoline Crush, Thornley, April Wine Neverending White Lights The Salads, USS and John Corabi . After extensive touring; 40 Sons continued to cultivate their own unique sound. That sound ultimately came to the attention of Award-Winning Producer Dale Penner of Paradise Alley Studios (Matt Good, Nickelback, Holly McNarland, Econoline Crush) where the band recorded new tracks in November of ’09 to be included on their first LP “Madness”. They were then named Canada’s top indie artist, beating out over a thousand bands from across the country for the 2010 Ambassadors of Rock Battle of the Bands at The Hard Rock Cafe, Toronto.”

After 6 months of touring, promoting their album ‘Madness’ in 2010, the guys took a whole year off to write and record their latest which is said to be their best work yet and recently I had the opportunity to ask them a little more about the album and what we can expect from it.

Confront: So to start things off, what can you tell the readers about 40 Sons?

Repic: We’re just 4 weird dudes from the dirtiest part of Ontario that like to make music. You have a couple options here; you can make steel, become a meth addicted prostitute, or join a band. And since I’m not into manual labor or showing off my legs, it wasn’t too hard of a choice.

Confront: Your self-titled is set to be released at the end of February. What were your inspirations for the record in general?

Repic:  This is our first time making a CD front to back without taking these extended breaks and moving studios, etc. We finally got to focus on it as one album and our initial direction for it stayed in place. Just knowing we we’re going to make our real first LP was inspiration enough. That and lots of red wine!

Confront: How is it different from your previous records, Madness and The Monsters’ Face?

Repic: The record has this consistency without becoming stale or stagnant. That was in the back of my head the whole time we made it. I wanted it to be exciting and different all the way through but still remaining true to what we sound like live.

Confront: The band has been together for almost a decade. Is there anything you’ve learned from each other? How have you evolved?

Repic: I think we’ve just matured a lot as writers and players. Besides Link (bassist) who has only been in the band for a year, the three of us (Repic, Spik and Cristiano) have been playing together since we were teenagers. You become really intuitive when you’ve been playing for that long in the same band with the same guys.

Confront: What are the biggest challenges you guys have faced?

Repic: Just the constant struggle of making a name for yourself in a digital world where you’re competing for a persons’ very limited attention span against 5 million other bands. If I was competing against 5 million quality bands I don’t think I would mind so much, but there is way more garbage out there than gems.

Confront: Do you have a favorite song from the new record? What can you tell me about the song? Any meaning? Story behind it?

Repic: One of my favorites is ‘Won’t Give Up.’ It’s about how through all the bullshit we’ve been through, the band has still stuck together and feels stronger than ever. We’ve seen a countless number of peer bands fall by the wayside and break up because of girlfriends, jobs, they can’t handle the road, etc. It’s like a celebration song about how we still all have the same vision and no one’s gone crazy.

Confront: Is there a lyric from a song that sticks out?40Sons_BandPhoto1

Repic: ‘Die with Me’ sticks out a lot. I read an article about a couple in the 1700’s who everyone thought was strange because of the way they dressed and the way they acted. So they we’re forced to leave the town they lived in. Depressed over there abandonment, they set their house on fire and died together. I thought it was really strange and beautiful so I based the song around that.

Confront: Of all the shows you have ever played, which one stands out the most and why?

Repic: I remember one of the funniest shows we’ve ever played. We did a charity show way back in the day and we weren’t really sure who we were playing to cause it was at a school auditorium. When they raised the curtain, we were staring at about 500 kids about 7-10 years old. We kicked in and the place went insane. I’m so glad to say I was apart of a midget moshpit. When one fell, they would all fall it was like bowling pins. It was great.

Confront: While on tour, what do you miss the most about home?

Link: I get more road sick when I’m at home than I get homesick when I’m on the road. But, what we look forward to most about coming home is reconnecting with all the people we haven’t seen in a while and sharing stories about all crazy times we’ve had out on tour.

Confront: If someone were to listen to your music for the very first time, is there one song would you recommend that they listen to first?

Link: The song ‘Die With Me’ is a good place to start. It’s track 1 on our new record. After that, you can try Hurricane. That’s track 2. Then maybe I Have the Gun, which is track 3. And then…. well… you see where I’m going with this.

Confront: If you had a bucket list, what is it that we’d find at the very top?

Link: Ever since I was a kid, I’d watch concert videos of bands like Queen, Pearl Jam, and Rage Against the Machine playing to oceans of people at festivals like Live Aid, Pink Pop, and Rock am Ring and imagined how incredible it must feel to be the band that’s causing all that insanity! Putting on a show like that is easily #1 on that list for us.

Confront: Did you always know music was what you wanted to pursue? If you weren’t a musician, what would you be?

Link: I’ve always thought that the key to being happy was to do what you love for a living and to share it with others. So I wouldn’t have ended up at some mundane day job, that’s for sure. Maybe a tennis instructor? I was a very serious tennis player as a teenager, but when the time came to choose between sports and music I chose music and never looked back.

Confront: If there were one artist, dead or alive, you’d like to work with, whom would it be and why?

Link: John Bonham. Just to groove out with one of the most bad-ass drummers to ever walk this earth is any bass player’s dream come true. Not to mention I’d be jamming with a zombie! That’d be a pretty exciting day!

Confront: What is in store for 40 Sons in the future? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Link: We’re going to keep connecting to people through music and pouring our souls out in our live shows the way we always have. But in 10 years, we plan on doing that on a much larger scale.

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