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INDIE POP: I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful, Yet So Unaware of It by The 1975

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The 1975 are one of the breakthrough British bands of the past decade. 2013 was the year what frontman Matthew Healy describes as a “delirious ascent”. With infectious pop anthems like “Chocolate” and “Girls”, their self-titled debut album entered the UK charts at #1 and went on to sell one million records worldwide, along with one million singles in the US alone while “Chocolate” is gold in Canada. Now they’re back with more – gifting us with their explosive sophomore album I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful, Yet So Unaware of It. 

With a commitment to such a unique album title that is literally a sentence, you’re already granted the hint that this album is going to be something different.

It is nearly impossible for me to narrow it down to a few songs, because really, all 17 tracks deliver their own mood, meaning, and substance. Something I found immediately intriguing was the very first track, “The 1975”. It is literally the same prelude to the first album, down to verbatim, but in a higher pitch – delivering a totally different tone. It’s as if it foreshadows the fact that this album is not going to sound like their last.

“If I Believe You” has to be one of the most powerful for me. What sounds very much like a gospel song (with perfect use of an absolutely breathtaking choir and sax solos), interestingly intertwines with Matty’s strong disbelief in religion. I’d deem it one of the most moving tracks on the album.

“Please Be Naked”, despite the misleading title which gives off the vibe of probably sounding like another “Love Me” – is a complete surprise. This one truly captures the pure art of sound. It is an emotional journey without the need of any lyrics at all.

The album takes a turn with “Loving Someone” which reeks of old school hip-hop influences. “She’s American” will probably be the next banger track, emanating hints of an 80’s boy-band sound and will definitely have you dancing your face off. “Nana” is another tear-jerker with an acoustic, camp-fire feel where Matty is speaking to his deceased grandmother. Finally, “Paris” is everything that will light up your soul, with the catchiest rhythm and peculiar dialogue.

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The rest of the album ranges from more 80’s popstar accents, to simple and raw acoustics, to aggressively punk vocals and to synth-y, echoic ballads. It is quite a bizarre, beautiful and unpredictable musical journey.

As Matty once admitted, the band lacks an “emotional attention span”, and boy is it ever working in their favour. Every track has its own personality. With this record, they are leading us into an entirely new era of music. Each time you listen to the album, you notice something new – and I think that’s when you know you’ve done good.

Now, one crazed 1975 fan can only anticipate what these songs will sound like on stage. Don’t miss them on their upcoming spring tour alongside The Japanese House and Wolf Alice. Seriously, you’ll regret it forever!

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