Music News — February 24, 2016 at 18:48

WATCH: A VHS-Themed Music Video For “Make A Sound” By For Esmé

Photo by Jeff Bierk

Photo by Jeff Bierk

For Esmé, an electro-pop trio hailing from Toronto, has just released a very interesting time capsule-esque music video: a VHS-styled music video. Teaming up with Puncture Design (the creative team behind Wayhome Music & Arts), the band brought to life a pretty unique visual take on their track, “Make A Sound”. The video is designed to look like a VHS (Authors note: I hope everyone reading this is old enough to remember what a VHS is) recording a late night set on a talk show. Think the weird, strange and ultimately awesome vibes of late night television in 1979.

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If you need further convincing, check out the band’s own description below:

Picture this—it’s 1979 and For Esmé is performing their new single ‘Make A Sound’ on late night television. Anyone who grew up recording TV shows on their VCRs will understand.
Remember staying up to catch something special airing on late night television? Maybe something you weren’t supposed to be seeing? Remember scrounging around for a VHS tape you could record it onto? So often I accidentally recorded over something else, or there were glitches in the tape. We’re taking you on a trip back to the days before youtube, where your only chance to hold onto an iconic TV moment was to record it yourself. 





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