Music News — February 24, 2016 at 23:06

WATCH: Troye Sivan Drops “Youth” Music Video


Source: YouTube

We’ve been waiting, and it’s finally here!

After teasing fans for what felt like forever, Troye Sivan just released the music video for his hit single “Youth” and it’s already the #1 Worldwide Trending Topic on Twitter. Now that’s a powerful fandom!

The music video takes place at a house party — fitting for a song called “Youth” — and just like the track, has a very relaxed and colorful aesthetic. You get the sense that it’s just a bunch of friends, hanging out, having fun and fooling around (while listening to great music, obviously). Also, the video features features Troye (who is openly gay) with a male love interest, something the 20-year-old believes is important to show to his fans.

Source: YouTube

“Make America Gay Again” Source: YouTube

“I’ve spoken about this before, but I remember the two specific moments that I’ve seen gay kisses on TV growing up,” he told Billboard. “And the fact that I remember those, it kind of shows how impactful they were on my life and on me as a person. There was confusion about what it was, and a little bit of excitement I guess, and a little bit of relating to that.

“Seeing a little bit of myself in that, and feeling this relief that there was at least someone else out there like me, that for me was super impactful, so I want to – wherever I can – try and shine a little bit of a light on the situation and use my platform to do that.”

Troye is currently on the road for the Blue Neighbourhood Tour, which stops in Montreal this Saturday.

Watch the “Youth” music video below:

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