Music News — March 13, 2016 at 07:11

ALBUM ANNOUNCEMENT: Garbage Announces “Strange Little Birds”

Credit: Joseph Cultice

Credit: Joseph Cultice

Following an exciting 2015, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the band’s first, self-titled, album, Garbage is back with new music in 2016. It has just been revealed by the band that the new album, album number six, is going to be titled Strange Little Birds and will hit stores on June 10. Written in Butch Vig’s basement and produced by the band, the album will be released on Garbage’s own label, STUNVOLUME.

Musically and lyrically, front woman Shirley Manson has said that the guiding principle the band followed while making the record was to keep things “fresh, and relying on instincts” and that it was inspired by a number a wildly different sources, from fan letters to music each of the band members listened to growing up. It has also been said that, in many ways, Strange Little Birds, is reminiscent of that first Garbage album. Exciting!

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The reveal, which included the album release date, artwork and track listing came on Friday and at the same time, the band also announced a string of European dates to coincide with the album release. No North American dates as of now, but keep an eye out, as more dates are said to be announced in the upcoming weeks. See all the info below.



1.     Sometimes
2.     Empty
3.     Blackout
4.     If I Lost You
5.     Night Drive Loneliness
6.     Even Though Our Love Is Doomed
7.     Magnetized
8.     We Never Tell
9.     So We Can Stay Alive
10.  Teaching Little Fingers To Play
11.  Amends


May 24 – La Cartonnerie ­- Reims, France
May 26 – Rock im Revier Festival – Dortmund, Germany
May 27 – Women Of The World Festival – Frankfurt, Germany
May 28 – Rockavaria Festival – Munich, Germany
May 30 – The Paradiso – Amsterdam, Holland
May 31 – Den Atelier – Luxembourg, Luxembourg
June 1 – Caribana Festival – Nyon, Switzerland
June 3 – Le Radiant – Lyon, France
June 4 – Montereau Confluence Festival – Montereau, France
June 5 – La Belle Electrique – Grenoble, France
June 7 – Center Urbane Kulture Kino Siska – Ljubljana, Slovenia
June 8 – Fabrique – Milan, Italy
June 10 – Nova Rock Festival – Nickelsdorf, Austria
June 13 – Troxy – London, UK
June 14 – Rock City – Nottingham, UK
August 8 – Lokerse Festival – Lokeren, Belgium
August 10 – A Summer’s Tale – Luhmühlen, Germany