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INDIE ROCK: From Seedlings to Saplings Continued… by Long Range Hustle


longrangehustlecoverA few weeks ago, we had the honour of premiering a new EP from Long Range Hustle, a really exciting indie rock/alternative rock out of Waterloo. The EP was called From Seedlings to Saplings…Continued – if that name seems familiar to you, it’s because it’s an EP that features 3 bonus tracks from last year’s sophomore effort, From Seedlings to Saplings.

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Don’t let the fact that the 3 songs on this EP are b-sides fool you: these songs are the real deal. Perhaps that’s why you can now purchase a deluxe version of From Seedlings to Saplings that includes the full slate of songs. The EP kicks off with “Thunder”, which is a rolling, full-on rock jam that brings to mind a more indie-rock version of Dave Matthews Band. It segues into “Hipster Love”, which pairs piano-led verses with explosive harmony-laden and driving choruses, not to mention an excellent vocal hook in “All you’ve got to give is hipster love”. If that hasn’t convinced you yet, there’s a really, really, really, excellent bridge in the song at about 2:45 that eventually works in some violin. The last track on the EP is “Riot Gear”, and in tandem with its name, is the track that’s probably the closest to modern alternative rock.

Long Range Hustle sounds like a band you want to see live – their energy, even on record, is infectious. The instrumentation is impressive, straying from the guitar-drums-bass formula to incorporate violin and piano in every hook-laden song. So, what I’m trying to say is check ’em out as soon as you can. The band’s got two tour dates planned right now, with a stop in Ottawa on March 18 at the Rainbow Bistro and another set in Waterloo on April 30.

4.5 out of 5 stars


Must-Listen Tracks: “Hipster Love”




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