Music News — March 2, 2016 at 18:13

LISTEN: Bullet Height Releases Lyrics Video for “Bastion”


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Bullet Height is an electronic-rock duo from Berlin (basically all I’ve ever wanted in a musical artist). “Bastion” is their first single as a group, seeing as how the two members, Sammi Doll of IAMX and Jon Courtney of Pure Reason Revolution, were introduced this past Halloween.

The video for “Bastion” is not your run-of-the-mill lyric video; rather than limiting themselves by just passing the lyrics across the screen, the video is quite dynamic. The lyrics flash in and out, interspersed with shots of Sammi Doll singing, giving the video a frenetic, strobe-light feel, which perfectly matches the vibe of the song. The video was directed by Valquire Veljkovic, and of his direction, that band stated, “He was inspired by different glass shards in front of the lens to create live effects – He had so many ideas, it was brilliant to work with someone who understood the importance of introducing us visually for the first time as a new band.” You are truly in for a treat with this video, and introduces Bullet Height to the world in a visually and aesthetically pleasing manner.

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