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Melanie Martinez at The Danforth Music Hall



Melanie Martinez, a former member of Team Adam on the third season of The Voice lent her talents to the city on Monday night. She performed at the Danforth Music Hall to a sold-out crowd on her “Cry Baby” tour.

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Prior to the 20-year-old was Sheffield’s Alvarez Kings, with their electrified rock brought to Toronto; the crowd was clearly enjoying themselves. The crowd consisted of a wide range from young teens, parents and some kids. It’s clear Melanie Martinez continues to grow her fanbase from her days on The Voice with no end in sight Martinez can only bring more to the table.

As the lights dimmed and the backdrop rolled down, an infant’s crib took centre stage, with not a moment too soon the venue erupted as Melanie emerged from the crib wearing a long white gown, she began her set with the title track “Cry Baby” and the crowd roared. With her eclectic style Martinez commanded the stage with a curious allure, she sang and her lyrics were belted back by the crowd. The packed crowd was swaying along as Martinez moved from each corner of the stage, back to her crib, and playfully interacted with her musical band. The singer’s most popular tracks included her breakout hit “Carousel”, line after line it proved to be one of the crowd’s favourites, another popular track was “Soap”, Melanie continued to captivate the audience as if she was a long-time veteran of the music scene. Even with Melanie’s small stature, she sang effortlessly among the Toronto crowd.

Melanie’s set list included her upbeat pop debut record, a pause came when she sang and dedicated her love song “Training Wheels” to the Toronto faithful. As the singer’s theme included infantile imagery and all things sweet, her stage production matched to boot, her musicians were wearing teddy bear hoods, colourful blocks read “Cry Baby” and her fanbase matched the theme as pigtails were adorning the young crowd. Thus, Melanie Martinez brought her playland to Toronto and the night was filled with a whimsical aura only a character of Melanie’s nature could bring.



Melanie Martinez at the Danforth Music Hall - March 21st 2016

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Melanie Martinez

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