Music News — March 5, 2016 at 12:12

NEWS: Kendrick Lamar Drops Surprise Album


Kendrick Lamar blew the world away with his most recent album, To Pimp a Butterfly, rightfully winning five Grammys for this very important album, in which he discussed racial inequality, depression, and institutional discrimination. Now, Lamar has just dropped a surprise album, titled untitled unmastered, a fitting album name for a compilation of eight tracks that do not have titles. Lamar confirmed that these tracks are previously unreleased demos of potential songs for To Pimp a Butterfly, so thematically, these eight songs follow the same vein as To Pimp a Butterfly. It is so important for artists to use their talent and craft to put out messages about the injustices in the world, and Lamar is one of the best artists around who is doing exactly this. You can listen to untitled unmastered on Spotify or Apply Music.

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