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on an on

ON AN ON is an American band formed by three ex-members of Scattered Trees: Nate Eiesland, Alissa Ricci and Ryne Estwing. The band got together in 2012 and since then, have released two full-length albums. The most recent one, And the Waves Have Two Sides, was released last summer.

Since then, the band has toured here and there and have recently stopped in Montreal with Yukon Blonde. We got to interview Nate (lead singer of the band) and here is what he had to say about the band’s sound, their latest album and more!

CONFRONT: Let’s start off with a little history 101 of the band: in your opinion, what are the biggest milestones since the beginnings of the band?


  • 2012 we record our first album, Give In in Toronto
  • 2013/2014 we tour extensively in North America, Europe, and Iceland
  • 2014/2015 we slow down and write our next record
  • 2015 we record our second album in LA
  • 2015/2016 more touring!

CONFRONT: And what has been your biggest accomplishment to date, a big “WOW” moment for you

NATE: Being in Iceland with my best friends walking across some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth.

CONFRONT: For someone who has never listened to your music before, which song do you think best represents your sound?

NATE: There isn’t a single song that represents our sound by itself. We play with a wide range of sounds. By doing whatever we want with how things sound OAO gets to exist between the songs. If we were to put out albums that were more predictable, we would sacrifice the environment that in many ways defines the band. That being said songs like “Drifting”, “It’s Not Over” and “I Wanted to Say More”, or “The Hunter” are songs towards our outer edges. Songs like “Behind the Gun”, “All the Horses” and “Icon Love” are more central to our ‘sound,’ if we even have one.

CONFRONT: How would you describe your sound? I often see “dream pop” associated with your band, do you feel that is accurate?

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NATE: It’s hard to say. There are a lot of descriptors that might apply to any of our tunes separately. I wouldn’t say we are a Dream Pop band, but that’s probably as accurate as any other genre term would be. In a lot of ways we’re not even a band.

CONFRONT: And the Waves Has Two Sides was released last summer, what do you think is the biggest difference between that album and Give In?

NATE: Give In was pieced together one take at a time. It was an overlaid event that never actually happened at one point in time. ATWHTS was played and recorded at once, for the most part. It’s just a different way to capture and collect the sounds, not better or worse.

CONFRONT: Which track represents the album best as a whole?

NATE: The secret song.

CONFRONT: Which track means the most to you and why?

NATE: “Behind the Gun” means a lot to me because it’s the beginning of what’s next for OAO.

CONFRONT: Which track took the most work to get to the final version on the album?

NATE: “Wait For the Kill”. It almost didn’t make it onto the album multiple times. It was after we’d finished the other tunes that we revisited that song and took it into a direction that made it come to life in a new way.
CONFRONT: What is one important lesson you’ve learned in your past studio experiences that you think is essential and that you bring in with you every time you are recording?
image002NATE: Self consciousness doesn’t serve you when you’re making something. The most potent stuff that you’ll love forever is always the most honest stuff. There’s so much technology that will iron out mistakes and imperfections. But, it’s clear to me now that what is left has less character, less humanity, less of You in it. I enjoy humanity more than I enjoy perfection.

CONFRONT: I always ask my interview-ees to draw something that represents themselves; what would you have drawn and why?

NATE: How do you think this drawing represents us?






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