Exclusives — March 4, 2016 at 10:10

PREMIERE: Get A First Look at Long Range Hustle’s From Seedlings To Saplings…Continued

Photo by: Jordan Lincoln

Photo by: Jordan Lincoln

If you enjoyed Long Range Hustle’s 2015 full-length album, From Seedlings To Saplings, then we’ve got some exciting news for you! The band’s releasing a brand new EP today, called From Seedling To Saplings…Continued  – featuring three of the excellent cuts that didn’t make it onto the album the last time around. Combining driving rhythms and harmonies, these new songs continue the diverse, layered indie rock that defines the band’s sound.

CONFRONT is very excited to bring you an exclusive premiere of the upcoming EP, and we spoke to the band’s vocalist/guitarist/violinist Paul Brogee to get his thoughts on the release, why Owen Pallett would be his dream collaborator, and more!

CONFRONT: Can you walk us through what the recording process was like for this record?

Paul Brogee: We recorded From Seedlings To Saplings over the course of 8 days at Escarpment Sound Studio near Guelph. The studio is built inside an old barn, and boasts a few bedrooms and a kitchen. We effectively moved in for the duration of our session, and the routine went something like this: wake up at 7, breakfast, start recording by 9, go hard until midnight, watch old movies until 3am, repeat. It was extraordinarily exhausting, but a thrilling ride. Living at the studio gave us an unparalleled sense of focus and purpose. Upon leaving Escarpment, we had tracked 16 songs – too many for a single record. We narrowed it down to 13 which became From Seedlings To Saplings, and now we’re finally releasing the last 3 songs from those sessions.

CONFRONT: What song off the new EP are you most excited to play live?

Paul Brogee: “Thunder” is a really driving catchy rock tune. It’s a song we wrote fairly early on, and since releasing FSTS we haven’t had an opportunity to play it live. For the people who have followed us for a few years, I think they’ll get a kick out of seeing how the song has evolved and matured since those early days.

CONFRONT: What was the most challenging song to either write or record on the new EP?

Paul Brogee: “Riot Gear” was an interesting one in this regard. The song itself is undoubtedly our most aggressive and chaotic composition. The original iteration had an entirely different chorus melody, but in pre-production we decided it didn’t quite hold the ear, so we threw it out entirely and wrote a new chorus. I believe it’s the only song in which we entirely re-wrote something leading in to the studio session.

CONFRONT: If you could have any artist guest on your next record, who would it be and why?

Paul Brogee: We’re all big fans of Owen Pallett – who is one of the most talented and innovative musicians on the Canadian scene these days. It would certainly be a treat to have him along for a session. I suppose this is less of a “guest artist,” but we’ve also been not-so-secret admirers of Tony Doogan for years. He’s produced some of the best albums of the past decade, and having him produce a record with us would be the proverbial dream.

CONFRONT: What are some of your non-musical influences?

Paul Brogee: Good literature strides tightly in step with good music. The impact of writers such as Mark Danielewski, Tom Robbins, Jose Saramago, and Mikhail Bulgakov can all be felt to varying degrees in the lyrics of From Seedlings To Saplings.


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