Montreal, Show Reviews — March 27, 2016 at 00:40

The Zolas at O Patro Vys


Photo courtesy of Take Aim Media [Hank White Design Co.]

Photo courtesy of Take Aim Media [Hank White Design Co.]

Vancouver-based The Zolas and supporting band Grounders teamed up to play a sold-out show at O Patro Vys last night. The Canadian acts attracted a dynamic crowd who had to pack into the small arts venue on Mont-Royal. Before the music even began, you could feel the energy in the room which was perhaps due to the excitement of a long weekend – but most likely because of the anticipation of what was sure to be a great evening of music.

And that it was. Still high off the release of their debut album last May, Grounders started things off around 9:15pm. Though their set wasn’t quite the live show they explained to us a few months ago, it was still quite an engaging and amusing 30-minute opening act.

At around 10:15 The Zolas took to a smoky, royal blue stage beginning with their first single off Swooner, “Molotov Girls”. The hot pink lights perfectly matched their new album’s cover art and made for an even more enjoyable atmosphere. The band performed songs off of their three studio albums including the popular “You’re Too Cool” and fan choice “Marlaina Kamikaze”. The title track off their second LP “AncientIMG_1334 Mars” was a definite highlight for the crowd as they let loose and sang along enthusiastically. My personal favourite moment of the evening was during this same song, when all the instruments faded out and all that was left was lead singer Zachary’s jaw-dropping vocals.

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After continuously mentioning how previous Montreal shows were not very successful, the band was visibly ecstatic with both the turnout and the audience participation. “We had in mind that Montreal hated The Zolas so this blows my mind!” the lead singer confessed with a laugh. To the crowd’s delight, the frontman also had plenty of opportunity to practice his (surprisingly excellent) French.

Overall, the four boys (and their GREAT hair) were a real joy to watch. Not once did the crowd doubt their genuine passion for playing music. After finally seeing this group live, it blew my mind how versatile one band could be. From Zach being able to sing at any octave possible, to their sound ranging from electronic to pop to rock and back again, I can honestly say that this show was probably one of the most colourful, impressive and captivating sets I have seen in a while. WOO GO CANADA!

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