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Ty Segall & The Muggers at Theatre Rialto




Ty Segall: the man of many bands. Back in Montreal for the forth time in as many years, now backed by his newest band, the Muggers, the California native got weird at Rialto Theater last night. Due to an earlier cancellation, the two nights originally planned merged into one, leaving Rialto packed with ticket buyers from either night. Kudos to the promoters for having a show cancellation go that smoothly. However, they may have overlooked booking an act like Ty Segall at a classy venue like Rialto. I knew going into the show that if it was anything like their Colbert performance, it would be a crazy night. Turns out, the Colbert performance was a toned down, censored version of how weird their full set can get.

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CFM are currently opening for Ty on this early spring tour. The garage rock band, fronted by Charles Moothart, a frequent collaborator of Ty’s, had the eager crowd warmed up and moshing within a few chaotically arranged tracks. Playing in support of their upcoming debut record Still Life of Citrus and Slime, CFM were obviously perfect openers for the Muggers, seeing as they have played on the same stage together for years.

One of the reasons CFM were so well received by the Rialto crowd was due to the loyal, somewhat of a cult following of Ty Segall. Ready to act as his every command, rarely have I seen audience members in such a trance as a grown man in a creepy baby mask shook his finger at them yelling “I LOVE MY KIDS”. Still early in the hour long set, I had lost count of the number of crowd surfers that passed over my head, or how many times Ty ended up moshing instead of singing on stage. Blazing through tracks from his extensive discography, with a focus on the recently released Emotional Mugger, Ty Segall and his new band, The Muggers, consisting of good friends King Tuff and Mikal Cronin, brought the California heat to the Rialto Theater. Or maybe it was just the constant moshing and stage diving that had the temperature rising. Just when I thought I had seen it all, out came Ty, sporting the Sloppo baby mask and a rubber umbilical cord that he proceeded to whip around the stage. Trust me when I say, this is one act that will have you scratching your head wondering what you just witnessed as you leave the show. But, for fans of off beat, frequency filled, extremely strange garage rock, Ty Segall is a hero.

Watch Ty Segall & The Muggers perform a number of songs live on KEXP (umbilical cord included)

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