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Woman Crush Wednesday: Ailee



The Korean pop (K-pop) industry is mostly known overseas for Psy’s “Gangnam Style” or maybe even for its huge girl groups or boy bands (take Girl’s Generation or SNSD with their 8 members for example). I’ve never actually been a big fan of Korean music in the sense that I was never particularly interested in it (I was way more into Japanese pop and rock when I was younger) but recently, I randomly stumbled onto Ailee and now I’m hooked. I’ve had her songs stuck in my head for weeks even though I can only partially sing the lyrics that I don’t even understand.

Ailee (Lee Ye-Jin) was actually born and raised in the US. She started a YouTube channel but really hit it off when she auditioned in Korea and was picked up by YMC Entertainment. She officially debuted over there in 2012 with her single “Heaven”. Over the years, Ailee released quite a number of singles but her first full-length album Vivid was only released last year.

With her powerful voice, she has been called the Korean Beyoncé in the past. Listen to two of my favorite songs of hers below and tell us if you think she deserves that title. The first is “Heaven”, which is the track that got me hooked and the second is “I Will Show You”, which is more representative of her upbeat sound (after the first verse).

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