Album Reviews — April 2, 2016 at 10:00

INDIE FOLK: Lovers EP by Merival


a4279529126_16There’s no other way to put this: the five songs that are on Merival’s Lovers EP are absolutely devastating. And beautiful. Following up 2012’s Easy and 2011’s Panelling, Lovers is an EP about heartbreak, and the accompanying mess of feelings. On her Bandcamp page, Merival – who is Anna Horvath – describes the album as “a collection of songs written about people I loved before the age of 20.” If only everyone’s heartbreak could result in something so compelling, and so emotionally devastating.

From the dreamy and hazy “Dream of Yourself” to the quick fingerpicking in “Alay Alas”, the EP evokes two key influences, in my opinion: Nick Drake, and Feist. Both influences were top of mind for me as soon as I finished listened to Lovers, and with each listen, my (favourable) comparison to these two artists grows. On Lovers, Horvath excels both at using quiet to convey emotion (a la Drake), as well as integrating a very Leslie Feist sense of melody into her songs (no song demonstrates this better than “Kicking You Out”). A talented multi-instrumentalist, Horvath’s songs are impeccably written, from the simplest of acoustic guitar strums to layered harmonies. All in all, Lovers is an album you should pick up if you want to hear what a great breakup album should sound like.

I can’t say enough good things about Lovers, and it’s one of those albums that tug at your heartstrings in ways that only good music can. Merival is destined for big things and she’s currently on a Canadian tour that took her across Quebec, Ontario, with upcoming dates in the Maritimes. Check out her tour dates here.


4 out of 5 stars


Must-Listen Tracks: “Kicking You Out”, “Calendar”




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