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Jordan Klassen at Le Divan Orange

Photo courtesy of Jordan Klassen's Facebook page

Photo courtesy of Jordan Klassen’s Facebook page

I have yet to write a bad concert review and this one will be no different. I also have yet to find an up & coming artist hailing from Vancouver that I do not like. I first heard about Jordan Klassen through a friend and immediately knew I had to see him in concert. The BC-based singer-songwriter made a stop at Montreal’s popular Le Divan Orange last night with support from folk singer Megan Bonnell.

Megan Bonnell and Jordan Klassen were a musical match made in heaven. They are probably two of the best vocalists and multi-instrumentalists I have ever heard play Montreal’s smaller stages. The crowd was very respectful as they listened attentively and truly appreciated the pure talent that they were lucky enough to witness. I don’t get to see that many intimate concerts anymore, those where all barriers are broken between performers and their fans, but those shows are my absolute favourite.

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Jordan was fresh off his solo European tour which I have no doubt was as captivating – though this time klassenaround he was accompanied by a full band. He was joined by Jocelyn Price on keyboard, Simon Bridgefoot on drums and The Tourist Co’s Taylor Swindells on bass, which added to the already-present enthusiasm and allowed for goosebump-worthy harmonies.

Jordan started things off right with album opener “Glory B”. His set was mostly comprised of tracks off his newest record Javelin, with some earlier releases thrown into the mix. “Go To Me,” his single off of previous album Repentance was a crowd favourite, as was “No Salesman” – his newest song which is even more breathtakingly beautiful live. Normally, there are those tracks you get overly excited to hear during a concert and those that you like a little less, but Jordan’s set was different. Literally every song he performed last night is meant to be heard in-person and not once was the crowd disappointed at his choice of set list.

Not to sound overly enthusiastic, but last night’s performance was quite possibly the best I have seen this year. If Jordan has not yet stopped in your city, do yourselves a favour and go check him out. His vocal ability will actually blow your mind.

Watch Jordan’s newest video for “No Salesman” now:

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