Music News — April 24, 2016 at 15:28

NEWS: Heiress To Atlas Unveil Newest Single “Bullet”

Photographer Credit: Nathan Olson

Photographer Credit: Nathan Olson

Our electro-pop discovery from last month, Heiress To Atlas, just announced that their latest single off of upcoming EP Spark is a brand new track called “Bullet”. This song is as catchy and well-crafted as their previous single “Alien Boy”, though this time the lyrics are a little more moving.

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Read what vocalist Vidya Sethu had to say about the new track below:

“’Bullet’ is about missing someone that you no longer have in your life. It’s about wanting things to have gone differently, but accepting that even if they didn’t, the feeling of missing that person might be better than not having known them at all.”

Make sure to listen and grab your copy of the new track on iTunes now!

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