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News: Irish Kolumbus Releases New Single


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Singer-Songwriter Mark Caplice, a.k.a Kolumbus from the Emerald Isle, a.k.a Ireland, has just released his new single “Leave The Light On”. With his honest, raw voice, oozing with emotion, this Irish lad pulls directly on your heartstrings. Listening to this track, you just wish you could give him a light to guide him on his journey. And that’s what makes it a good song: You believe what he is singing and he pulls you into a different world. Listen to “Leave The Light On” here.

You might also want to watch Kolumbus’ debut video for “Goodbye”. If this song and video don’t leave you choked up, you might just as well be a robot.

Having already gained ground in Germany and Austria, Kolumbus is gearing up to conquer just a little bit more of the globe with plans to tour the USA, England, Germany, and his own beautiful country.

Kolumbus is set to release his debut EP “Give Them Life” soon. This EP is all about doing things in life and not waiting for the moment, because the moment might be gone before it has even arrived.

For some free downloads of Kolumbus’ music, please check his website below.


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