Exclusives — April 5, 2016 at 11:00

PREMIERE: Check Out This Awesome Music Video for Marchildon!’s Debut Single!


Marchildon Press Photo

So, it’s April and yet somehow still winter here in Toronto, so over at CONFRONT, we’re really excited to bring you a song (and video) about sunshine!

So, what do we have today? The debut single from Marchildon!, called “The Sunshine Makes Me Feel (Perverted Inside)”. Marchildon! is the moniker of Owen Marchildon, who you might remember from the vastly and almost criminally underrated From Fiction, and a profilic songwriter and recording artist in his own right.

His latest project, called Marchildon!, will see him releasing a full-length album called Night Screamer later this month. To celebrate the occasion, let’s take a look at this country-tinged rock and roll track with the incredibly catchy vocal hook! Oh, and the video – from the hot dog costume to the completely awesome dance moves, it’s probably the best take on the winter blahs that you will ever see. It’ll almost make you want to find your winter jacket and go dance on top of your nearest snowbank. Almost.






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