CONFRONT Playlist — April 28, 2016 at 08:00

Song Suggestion: “How it Comes is How it Goes” by Jay Malinowski



Jay Malinowski, better known as the lead singer of Bedouin Soundclash, is hands down one of Canada’s best vocalists. Though I was a huge fan of the reggae-soul band back in the day, there was something about Jay going solo that made me fall in love with his music even more.

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“How it Comes is How it Goes” is a track off of his debut solo release Bright Lights & Bruises from back in 2010. There is something about the lyrics and melody that when coupled with his comforting vocals have the power to affect anybody who listens. Though the track is barely two minutes long, it has an enveloping characteristic to it that makes it relatable for many different situations. I personally wish that it would go on forever.


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