Show Reviews, Toronto — May 19, 2016 at 15:02

Blaqk Audio at the Mod Club



Hump Day proved to be one to remember this Wednesday May 18th, Blaqk Audio consisting of Davey Havok and Jade Puget of AFI, XTRMST, filled the Mod Club with an energetic crowd. As openers Charming Liars and Night Riots warmed the crowd, the room danced the night away as frontman Davey commanded the stage, his presence rang loud throughout the venue with Jade mastering the sounds. With the duo’s third record Material now out, available here on iTunes, the band had new material getting the crowd dancing throughout the night. Material is the band’s third release with lead single “Anointed” had loyal fans of the duo singing along to every word, along with the duo’s previous two records. If you’ve seen AFI, the two musicians’ side project was equally engaging on an intimate level.

Davey exuded confidence and sparked concert-goers to move along to the beat, fans were either dancing, singing or nodding their heads along to the music. I had a chance to speak to Davey and Jade earlier in the evening and Davey spoke about the difference in manoeuvring the stage as a duo in comparison to a four-piece band as seen in AFI, stay tuned for the interview coming your way soon. It was clear the duo knew what worked between them, they collaborated in providing an exciting set with Davey being the ultimate frontman and Jade proving his expertise behind his equipment.

Blaqk Audio brought their eclectic electro rhythms to the Toronto faithful, it was clear the duo were well received throughout this tour and on this date where Torontonians had their pick between Justin Bieber, and a slew of other events happening in the city, the committed fans were well rewarded. We can’t wait till the next date Davey and Jade come back whether as a duo in Blaqk Audio, XTRMST, or half of AFI.

Blaqk Audio - May 18th 2016

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