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Canadian Music Week Diaries: The Damn Truth and Dilly Dally


CMW16_Logo_Vert_wdates_Blk_May2-8On Saturday night, I closed out my last stop at Canadian Music Week 2016 with a stop at Osheaga’s CMW showcase at Lee’s Palace. The annual Montreal-based festival, which we cover every year to boot, is one of Canada’s foremost music festivals, offering every single music taste a chance to see something new and cool. With that reputation for taste-making in mind and a solid setlist, closing out this edition of CMW with Osheaga was a no-brainer.

Though the showcase had featured Motel Raphael, Foreign Diplomats, and Le Trouble earlier in the night, I kicked off my night with some blistering, old-school rock and roll from Montreal’s The Damn Truth. A four-piece that sounds like the step-child of Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith; replete with all the blistering guitar solos, smooth bass lines, and a tornado of a front-woman in Lee-La Baum. The onstage theatrics were dialled up to 10 last night, and it was a salient and powerful reminder that nothing can really beat good, old fashioned rock and roll. They’ll be playing Osheaga in July, but definitely watch out for their full-length, Devilish Folk, out this summer.

And then, there was Dilly Dally. The self-described #softgrunge band is fronted by Katie Monks on guitar/vocals, and accompanied by Liz Ball on lead guitar, Jimmy Tony on bass and Benjamin Reinhartz on drums. Their debut record, Sore, was a critical breakthrough; earning references as wide as Sonic Youth, The Pixies, and The Distillers. Their mix of grunge and pop sensibilities is a marriage made in heaven for people like me, so they were definitely on my list of must-see bands. And, they did not disappoint. The set was loud, it was powerful, and Monks’ vocals masterfully went from clean to scream and back again. From a fiery rendition of “Desire” to playing their now-infamous cover of Drake’s “Know Yourself”, to an encore (!!!), Dilly Dally showed us who the real 6 god(s) are.

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