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COUNTRY: Ripcord by Keith Urban


Ripcord album cover

Whatever you think about country music, throw it out the window because it’s all about change. “New Country” is living up to it’s definition as country music in today’s world has definitely changed and updated from it’s twangy, heart-broken days. Take Keith Urban’s brand new album Ripcord, which was just released this past week. It’s everything you expected and everything you didn’t. It’s something completely different and it’s something you’re either going to love or going to hate.

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I’m a fan of the traditional country, but I’m an even bigger fan of country music in general, so I’m not one of the country fans hating on the “new and hip” country music that is dominating the radio these days. In fact, I actually love it. Urban’s new tunes are catchy, heartwarming and  addictive in all aspects. It’s not something I totally expected from this guitar loving Aussie, but I don’t dislike it either. While listening to it initially I was on a walk and wasn’t sure if I should react outwardly. But my body soon took over and I found myself dancing up and down the sidewalks – it’s a good thing it was dark out!


I think what I love most about this album is the diversity he brings to it. It may not be 100 per cent country, but it’s definitely something that a wide variety of music lovers could listen to and love. You do get your traditional Keith Urban songs in tracks like “John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16”, “Break On Me” and “Boy Gets a Truck”. But then you get songs like his latest single “Wasted Time”, which is still distinctly Urban, but it combines a little bit of a catchier beat that you’d normally associate with a pop song. You can’t help but get lost and sing along. Even “Sun Don’t Let Me Down”, which features Pitbull – an artist you don’t really expect on a country album, getting you up and dancing around. Kind of reminds you of when Tim McGraw teamed up with Nelly for his song “Over and Over“.

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While I was left scratching my head a time or two, wondering if it really was him, I was still impressed with the album as a whole. It’s hard to really criticize such a great musician in the long run. Time after time, album after album Keith Urban has always come through with great music for everyone to enjoy. He’s a genuine talent and a wicked guitar player and it shows through in his music. I look forward to catching his show as it hits the Canadian Molson Ampitheatre this summer!

Ripcord is now available everywhere and on itunes.

4.5 out of 5

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