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GARAGE PUNK: No Future by Heart Attack Kids


HAK - No FutureHeart Attack Kids is a two piece garage-punk band out of London, Ontario that will blow your socks off. Honestly, you can’t even tell that it’s a two-piece, anchored by Jared Ellul on vocals/guitar and Nathan Stock on drums. Mixing together the best parts of punk and thrash, the band powers through 10 songs on No Future, with almost no mercy for the listener.

On moments like “Platonic Love Bomb”, they spice up their punk/thrash with the type of guitar line that wouldn’t feel out of place on a Japandroids record. When Ellul isn’t coaxing jagged, deafening riffs out of his guitar, his vocals are particularly punishing screams. In traditional punk fashion, most songs cap out at under three minutes, giving the listener just enough time to catch their breath before the barrage starts up again. Personally, one of my favourite tracks on the album is the opener (and lead single) “Deaf Dogs”, which features riffs that twist, turn and the song positively erupts into a breakdown before a particularly abrupt ending.

If you’re into bands like Cancer Bats or The Bronx, this two-piece will be just right for you. The band is currently on their No Future Release Tour, with dates coming up in Saints Johns, and Halifax. Check out full dates here.


3.5 out of 5 stars

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Must-Listen Tracks: “Shoulda Came From Japan”


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