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PREMIERE: Vikki Gilmore Performs “My Song” for Current Sessions Productions

Photo courtesy of Current Sessions Productions

Photo courtesy of Current Sessions Productions

Current Sessions Productions have been promoting local artists and staple Canadian locations through intimate, unplugged video performances. This week, we are excited to premiere their newest session, that of Montreal-based Vikki Gilmore

In 2016, CBC Music named her one of the Top 20 Standout Artists Under 20 for very good reason. After the release of her well-crafted, bilingual EP back in 2014, her newest project ‘Where You’re From’ was made available this past March. Current Sessions recently teamed up with the singer-songwriter as she performed one of her tracks off her most recent EP in her hometown.

Here is what Vikki had to say about this particular track:

“My Song” is about unrequited love in the most hopeful sense of the word. Filming in the Montreal metro station was perfect for the song because not only is my EP “Where You’re From” inspired by my experiences in my city, but also because the dark ambiance of the tunnel embodies the light at the end of every mundane journey.

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The video was shot in Montreal’s metro system and shows the brick-clad walls and long hallways that characterize the city’s underground. Though usually extremely busy, Vikki’s calming vocals and entrancing lyrics provide a more peaceful, fresh take on the location. I’ll take this vibe over the pedestrian-filled and fast-paced environment any day!

Check out the video below:

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