CONFRONT Playlist — May 30, 2016 at 10:00

Song Suggestion: Life Itself by Glass Animals


Credit: Glass Animals’ Facebook

It’s been 2 years since indie-pop band, Glass Animals, released their debut album, Zaba. Teasing their upcoming sophomore album, How To Be A Human Being, the band has dropped the first single, “Life Itself”. After touring the world and playing at some of the largest music festival, the Oxford quartet is singing about more “real” things – as opposed to those abstract, whimsical ideas in Zaba – while staying true to their psychedelic sound. The jungle vibes track is upbeat, synth-filled and incredibly catchy. It’s the type of track you can listen to on repeat with zero guilt.

Frontman, producer and singer Dave Bayley said in a press release that “things have changed a lot” for the band. “Instead of sitting in the studio, we’ve been in a different city every night; making friends, hearing crazy stories, getting in crazy trouble. All of it made me want to think about people, and write something rawer and more human.”

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The single plays on that moment where you see someone in public and wonder who they are, what they do and about their life story. Being “totally surrounded by people… it only seemed natural to write about that” Bayley tells NME. “Life Itself came from that. A weird dude who cant get a job as he’s too odd. So he spends more time alone and becomes odder.”

Although there is currently no exact release date set for the album, it is anticipated to come out late summer 2016. And, if this single is any hint of what’s to come, we couldn’t be more excited.

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