CONFRONT Playlist — May 16, 2016 at 08:00

Song Suggestion: One Dance by Drake


Full disclosure (also no hate please!): I’m not the biggest fan of Drake. I completely recognize his talent, but for me, his music is just kind of…meh? Don’t get me wrong, I can totally get down to “Jumpman,” “Hotline Bling,” (despite its misogynistic undertones), and “Energy,” but I’m not a rabid fan of his. But Drake won my heart with “One Dance,” his first single off his newest album, Views. With dancehall influence (perhaps from Rihanna?), this song is groovier and smoother than Drake’s usual sound, a vibe that I can definitely get down with. Listen to the track on Spotify or Apple Music, or whatever music subscription site you’ve been forced to purchase.

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