Music News — May 9, 2016 at 21:36

WATCH: Ruth B Releases Music Video for “Lost Boy”


Ruth B is a Canadian singer who got her start on Vine. After posting a Vine of a single made-up line inspire the television show, Once Upon a Time, Ruth B struck a chord in everyone’s hearts. Fans demanded a full-length version of the ditty, and “Lost Boy” was born. This single eventually got her signed by a major record label, and she was able to release her debut EP, The Intro. “Lost Boy” is a haunting tune about the story of Peter Pan, and will likely have you in tears. The music video is as beautiful as Ruth B’s voice, making visual references to storybooks, fairytales, and innocence. Ruth B has an exquisite way with words, telling a story with her verses, and convincing all her listeners to become a lost boy.

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