Music News — May 30, 2016 at 20:18

WATCH: The Zolas Release Cutting-Edge Video for “Swooner”


Photo courtesy of Take Aim Media [Hank White Design Co.]

Photo courtesy of Take Aim Media [Hank White Design Co.]

As if The Zolas couldn’t get any more creative this year, they just recently premiered an innovative live video project for their hit “Swooner” that you will not want to miss out on.

You may have seen some fancy video footage floating around the web lately where you can move your mouse or handheld device and see 360-degrees around you. Well, our favourite indie-pop band The Zolas decided to take it upon themselves to offer fans an insider view of their studio.

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What may look like a simple static shot of the drummer becomes a rarely-before-seen video experience when you click on the arrows in the top left corner. Better yet, check out the video on your mobile device and run around in circles – how cool is that!?

This interactive performance was made possible because of four GoPro cameras and a 360-degree tripod. Check it out for yourself below:

[This type of video will only work with Firefox, Chrome, or a mobile device]

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