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10 Songs To Pump You Up For The Future Now Tour With Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas


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The last few years have been a whirlwind for Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas. With hit song after hit song, Demi has been steadily rising to the top ever since her debut in Camp Rock (alongside Nick and his brothers) and Nick skyrocketed to solo fame after breaking away from his good boy-Jonas Brothers image. Now the two longtime friends are hitting the road together on the Future Now Tour this summer, performing their hit songs across North America.

The tour kicks off tomorrow (June 29) in Atlanta, GA, so what better way to pump you up than with some of the duo’s greatest hits? From “Cool For The Summer” to “Jealous,” you’ll hardly be able to wait until you actually get to see Nick and Demi in the flesh!

For info and tickets for the Future Now Tour, click here

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