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Blaqk Audio




In a dimmed hotel room in the Sheraton Hotel downtown, the duo Blaqk Audio consisting of Davey Havok and Jade Puget sat patiently during their press appearances. I had the chance to sit down with both musicians to discuss their influence marking the eclectic sounds, their tour thus far and more. With a slew of influences including the likes of Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys and more, it is a mix that make up what is Blaqk Audio. Blaqk Audio have made a mark and set themselves apart from the duo’s other projects including AFI and XTRMST. Read our interview with Blaqk Audio below.

Confront: On the “Material” tour

Blaqk Audio: Great, fantastic, wonderful, stellar, exceptional.

Confront: How was the recording of Material?

Blaqk Audio: It was very similar to the previous Blaqk Audio records, Jade writes the music, I (Davey) write the melodies, then we record them. It’s one of the fun things about Blaqk Audio, it’s so easy and natural and there’s no stress about it. I (Jade) write the music in my own timeframe, I send him the song, he writes it. We have enough songs together, we go and write a record.

Confront: On the current era of digital versus physical music releases, their preferences and growing up with vinyl, and fan response on the new record

Blaqk Audio: Nowadays, you have to release music digitally to pay a rent, we do release physical as well. I think not too long vinyl will be the only physical medium, and probably be streaming only at one point. We grew up with physical mediums, so that’s our preference, that’s how we were raised but now as all artists are playing to one or two generations, who were raised on music being a digital-free era.

It’s been great, I’ve encountered so many fans who say it’s their favourite Blaqk Audio record to date because we’re really happy with it and the fans reaction when we play the new songs is often times, a really great feeling.

Confront: How do you adjust your stage show in comparison to other projects like AFI?

Blaqk Audio: It’s a very different experience. Jade: For me he still gets to be a frontman and move around whereas, when I play the guitar I move a lot and am very active, and this I have to be in charge of computers, with a keyboard I can’t really leave that area for me I’m more tied to my area back there, dynamically it’s different for me. Davey: Conversely, for me I have more space to cover, I’ll have to share a stage with Jade & Hunter (AFI). With Jade confined to the computer there’s so much stage.

Confront: On Davey finding the energy to manoeuvre the stage and possibly, playing stages like the Coachella festival

Blaqk Audio: Davey: It’s very natural, I’m reacting to the audience, I’m reacting to the music so it’s natural to have the energy, there’s more awareness to know. Jade: We’d love to play Coachella, I think any band would have to be crazy to not want to play Coachella, we played the year before last and it was super fun. I imagine it would be just as fun to play with Blaqk Audio.

Confront: On their origins with electronic music and their love for the genre

Blaqk Audio: Davey: It probably came from our love of synth pop, in the 1980s and how that had such a big impact on America in the 80s with Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, the Human League and then, for me it moved into industrial for us, punk – led us to industrial and then, industrial led me to dance music not vice versa.

Confront: Would you two collaborate with other electro musicians? or DJs? And on Jade’s remix of a Crosses track

Blaqk Audio: Jade: I have remixed everything from The Cure, Weezer to Garbage. When I have time I like to do that, it’s a fun and different way to do electronic music. It’s fun to take someone else’s song and imagine it how you would write it or how it would sound.

Confront: On the band’s fans and what they could take away from their show

Blaqk Audio: I hope they have fun, that they have a small sense of elation. That’s sort of what it is, the vibe is fun. Some of the songs are dark, some are slow.


Blaqk Audio’s third release Material available on iTunes here.




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