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Montreal electronic duo, Fabrikate, has slowly been gaining a following, which, honestly, is about damn time. Since releasing a remix of fellow Canadian, The Weeknd’s, “Often,” in 2014, they have received attention from notable DJs such as Diplo, Don Diablo, and Oliver Heldens. Despite this rise in fame, they maintain anonymity; somewhat similar to Deadmau5 and We Are Temporary, the duo wear minimalist masks during performances, in order to keep the focus and attention on the music. With the release of their debut album, BODIES, Fabrikate has solidified their local standing in the house/electronic genre, and will hopefully break into the international arena. Utilizing synth beats and retro production, Fabrikate has set themselves apart from a genre that is becoming oversaturated with copycat producers and sounds.

The titular track begins with an echoing tapping sound, culminating in an otherworldly chorus. Repeating the phrase, “bodies in the night,” over a dark instrumental, this track grabs your attention immediately with its ominous and foreboding quality. In fact, the entire album has a haunting vibe; many of the songs, including “Reach” and “November,” utilize reverberating tones to create an eerie element. This is not to say that this album is depressing or a downer; quite the contrary, “Want You To Know,” and “Good Times” are upbeat, lighthearted, and funky. The vocals are still haunting and evocative in their cheerier tracks, which somehow work with the instrumentals. BODIES showcases a depth of musical talent and diversity, indicating that Fabrikate is not a one-trick pony. The one downside to this album is that none of the tracks really stood out to me as a standout; all of the songs are unique and groovy, but remain within a certain level of each other, meaning that all of the songs are good, but none of them are really great. I definitely enjoyed BODIES, but I just wish that there was a track that I could pinpoint as single-worthy.

Fabrikate is reminiscent of Bastille’s “Of the Night,” old-school Eurodance, and R&B. They create tracks that you’ll want to listen to in sweaty, foggy, strobe-lit dance clubs, and if that is your vibe, then this album is right up your alley. Close your eyes and sway to the rhythm of BODIES, and feel your stress float away.

4 out of 5 stars

Kookoo Records

Must-Listen Tracks: “Reach,” “Want You To Know,” “In My Life”




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