Music News — June 3, 2016 at 00:34

LISTEN: Betty Who Releases New Single “I Love You Always Forever”


Source: Facebook

No more waiting, no more mysteries: new Betty Who music is here!

After leaving fans in suspense for the last few days, we can finally announce that the mysterious #ILYAF is indeed a new single from the Aussie songstress, but it may not be what you were expecting.

The single, surprisingly, is a cover of the 1996 Donna Lewis hit “I Love You Always Forever” and it’s the perfect fit for Betty. The mid-tempo track is positively upbeat with the same bright, hopeful spirit that all of Betty’s songs give off. As always, just one listen will put a smile on your face. Her soft vocals are the perfect addition to the track — it truly sounds like this was written just for her.

Here’s hoping the album announcement comes next! You can get “I Love You Always Forever” on iTunes.

EDIT: Betty revealed to SPIN Magazine that “I Love You Always Forever” is not the album’s lead single, but instead a treat for her loyal fans.

“I am a little worried about people thinking this is the first single [for the new album],” she says, making it clear that it is not. “I’m such a writer. I’m such an artiste that I’m so concerned about putting out my story specifically, and this is Donna’s story. For me, it’s redirected attention, wanting to go, ‘Hey guys, I promise I’m not dead.”

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Listen to “I Love You Always Forever” below: