Music News — June 15, 2016 at 12:26

LISTEN: Leah Culver Premieres First Single “Ex Is A Loser”

Credit: Jimmy Bruch Photography

Credit: Jimmy Bruch Photography

Leah Culver is a rising star in the EDM world; born and raised in Atlanta, Culver grew up in a musical household, but sort of entered the industry by accident. While working for a promotion company, Culver was told that no female DJs existed in Atlanta, to which she responded that she was one (a little white lie). From there, Culver gained a local following under her former moniker MK Ultra, and catapulted to performing on festival stages, ultimately spending her time in Los Angeles and New York City, utterly devoted to her music career.

“Ex Is A Loser” is the ultimate middle finger to an ex-partner, and Popdust said,¬†“it’s as if Kesha, Katy Perry and Zedd had a lovechild. The track is a hefty club track and stomps on the pedal right out of the gate.” This anthemic breakup song will have you on your feet, as you reminisce over that one jerk ex and how you’d love for them to hear this song.

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