Exclusives — June 27, 2016 at 11:00

PREMIERE: Check Out Chloe K Jones x DK’s “Oxygen Part II” featuring Andrew Cameron and Galen Hogg



The latest track from Toronto-by-way-of-the-UK’s Chloe K Jones is an infectious take on the euphoric (and sometimes obsessive) feelings that creep up when you fall in love. With lyrics like “You’re like oxygen to me, I can’t live without you”, this song isn’t about the fun, easy parts of love. It’s moody and it’s a little dark, and the beat (provided by Halifax’s DK) perfectly emotes that the darker, more obsessive emotions that can crop up.

A combination of soul, hip-hop and r&b, “Oxygen Part II” is another successful partnership between Chloe K Jones and DK (who, notably, worked on another iteration of Oxygen together). On “Oxygen Part II”, the old school r&b base is a great complement to Chloe K Jones’ moody, synth-heavy vocal melody in the chorus. On the first verse, Tiny Danza’s Andrew Cameron brings his soulful vocals to the forefront, while the second verse (and my favourite part of the song) features Galen Hogg (Tiny Danza’s emcee) adds a much grittier tone to the song.

The single was released on June 24 via The Confidence Emperors – and we’re proud to bring you a first-listen (see below).

If you love what you hear, be sure to check out what all these artists are up to! While we gear up for Chloe K Jones’ solo record under the moniker Kookoo later this year, you can check out her SoundCloud. DK’s SoundCloud is here and full of good stuff, and definitely don’t sleep on listening to Tiny Danza here.