CONFRONT Playlist — June 27, 2016 at 08:00

Song Suggestion: “Hello” by Jaunt

Jaunt Press Photo 2

Photo provided by Jaunt/Auteur Research

If you’re looking for your next summer jam, don’t sleep on the latest single from Toronto/Hamilton’s dreamy indie pop quintet Jaunt. The song is called “Hello” and it’s the breezy, r&b-influenced indie pop that’s sure to be a hit when you need a moment of introspection in the summer sun. What’s particularly endearing about the song is that despite the upbeat instrumentals and vocals, the song is actually a brief phone conversation where the protagonist is suffering from separation anxiety.

The fact that the glistening guitar lines, syncopated beats, and falsetto-heavy vocals culminate in a dial tone is simply unsettling in the best way.

You can find “Hello” – and hopefully more songs like it – and Jaunt’s upcoming EP, called Chat. The EP is expected to be released sometime in July.



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