CONFRONT Playlist — June 29, 2016 at 08:00

Song Suggestion: Like A Balloon by Motel Raphael

via- Motel Raphael Facebook Page

via- Motel Raphael Facebook Page

Our favourite Montreal sweethearts are back! Musicians Emily Skahan, Clara Legault, and Maya Malkin recently released their second full length record on Warner Music, as well as a brand new single “Like A Balloon”.

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If you were a fan of their first release ‘Cable TV’, you’ll fall in love with their newest work just as quickly as we did. The indie/pop band have a noticeable pop influence on Like A Balloon, perhaps even more so than on some of their previous work- but don’t be fooled by the upbeat tempo; this track is about having your heart broken.

Lyrics such as; “you were playing with my heart / with your sharpened set of darts / and i’ll pop like a balloon” are the kind of summer breakup anthem girls need to get their hands on right away. Like A Balloon is a must have on your summer playlist- not just because we can all relate to it in some way- but because it’s downright catchy. You’ll be singing along with this Montreal trio in no time at all.

Want more of Motel Raphael? Don’t forget to pick up their brand new album, System

Listen to ‘Like A Balloon’ below: 

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