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WATCH: “My Heart Beats 4 You” by Rooney


Credit: Wilful Publicity

Alt-rock band Rooney has announced their new album titled Washed Away and given us a taste of what’s come with their new music video “My Heart Beats 4 You.” The album’s got power, punch, and most of all heart which is what lead singer Robert Schwartzman was aiming for. Despite the stress from the demands of the music business, he wanted to create songs that were meaningful and timeless: “I don’t chase the flavour of the moment, the sound of today; it’s not on my mind. I just wanna make music that I love and hope other listeners might feel the same way.”

Washed Away is full of riveting guitar meant to rile up a crowd in live performances. The lyrics are catchy and the rhythm has you head bobbing instantly. Be sure to get the full album when it comes out July 29th via Superball Music.

Washed Away tracklisting:
1. All The Beautiful People
2. My Heart Beats 4 U
3. Don’t Be A Hero
4. Why
5. Washed Away
6. Time Alone
7. Do You Have To Go?
8. Come On Baby
9. Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow
10. I Miss You When You’re Gone
11. You’re All I Ever Need
12. Sad But True

Watch “My Heart Beats 4 You”:

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