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Dirty Heads


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Fans of California based hip hop/ska band Dirty Heads have waited two years for a new album, and their patience has finally paid off! The band recently released their self-titled album on July 15, which features the single “That’s All I Need”.

We caught up with the band a few weeks ago to discuss their favorite memories from recording the album, which song they most enjoyed watching come to life and what their favorite musical summer memories are. Check it out below!

CONFRONT: Your new album was released just a few days ago, what’s one thing you want fans to know about this album?

DIRTY HEADS: This album is a very good representation of who we are. On our last album we played around with different sounds and technics. On this record we brought it back to our O.G. Sound with updated style.

CONFRONT: What was your favourite memory while recording this album?

DIRTY HEADS: We let Da Interns, who are a producer team we worked with, use our studio house for a birthday party one day and it turned into a gigantic rager. Big Sean showed up and it was epic.

CONFRONT: Is there a song you most enjoyed watching come to life in the studio? If so – which one and why?

DIRTY HEADS: Oxygen was my favorite. The day we tracked drums and percussion was awesome. Hearing everything come together and really filling the holes in.

CONFRONT: What were your biggest influences while recording this album?

DIRTY HEADS: It might sound cheesy but life was my biggest influence while recording this album. Last year was a crazy year with lost of big changes in my life. It felt amazing to lock myself up in a studio get away from everything and make new music with my friends.

CONFRONT: Is there something you learned in the studio this time around that you’ll bring with you the next time you record?

DIRTY HEADS: Being open to new ideas. We worked with a few different producers on this album and each one had a different style and work ethic. They would push us in different ways and the end result is something we are all very proud of.

CONFRONT: If you could collaborate with any artist or band who would it be and why?

DIRTY HEADS: I would love to do an acoustic album with Paul Simon.

CONFRONT: If someone were to attend your live show for the first time, how would you describe it to them?

DIRTY HEADS: It’s an absolute raging slam dance free for all with wild farm animals. It’s good times for the whole family!

CONFRONT: With so many festivals taking place over the warmer months, do you have a preference for playing festival dates or club shows? Why?

DIRTY HEADS: Festivals are awesome. They are usually stressful with a tight schedule, but it is definitely the best way to get in front of a new giant crowd. It’s also fun seeing other bands that we are friends with.

CONFRONT: What’s your most memorable summer concert memory (as a fan, not as a band)?

DIRTY HEADS: We played a festival in Dallas and Hozier played after us. Our whole band was obsessed with his record at that time so it was very awesome to watch him

CONFRONT: What’s one track that will always be a summer classic for you?

DIRTY HEADS: Mungo Jerry- In the Summertime

CONFRONT: What 3 songs do you currently have on repeat?

DIRTY HEADS: Anderson Paak- Come Down, Jr. Thomas and the Volcanos- Embraceable  and Leon Bridges- Lisa Sawyer

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