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Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas at the Bell Center


Photo by Marie Claire Denis

When you get two huge stars together for one tour, you know you’re going to be in for a treat — and that’s exactly what happened when The Future Now Tour with Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas stopped in Montreal last night (July 22).

The evening started off with a high-energy — albeit strange — opening from Mike Posner, featuring a handful of his popular songs. The singer closed his set with the track everyone was waiting for, his smash hit “I Took A Pill In Ibiza,” but didn’t leave the stage until after a peculiar speech about the state of the world. “We’re walking around here playing Pokemon Go, meanwhile there’s black people dying in the world,” he told the crowd. The monologue continued as he asked the crowd things like “Do I love my enemies, or do I ball up my fists and fight?” and “Is it just white guilt?”

It wasn’t long before Nick Jonas sauntered onto the stage to shrieks from the young, mostly-female audience.  The former Jonas Brother started out with “Levels” as he swaggered around wearing sunglasses and a bomber jacket.  He performed songs from his self-titled solo album (“Chains”) and his latest record Last Year Was Complicated (“Champagne Problems,” “Bacon”). The singer definitely reinforced the sexy-cool persona he has accrued over the last few years with each thrust of the hip and falsetto note, but it was Demi that really brought the sex appeal.

When Demi hit the stage, she commanded attention. Dressed in a sexy lace-and-leather body suit and thigh-high boots, the 23-year-old belted out her self-love anthem “Confident” with, well, confidence. She kept the party going with “Heart Attack” and the electronic banger “Neon Lights” — two more big belting moments for the singer.

Demi slowed things down to perform a handful of the raw, emotional songs she has become known for. “Fix A Heart,” “Nightingale,” and “Warrior” are all reminders of Demi’s big talent and how she fought her way out of the narrow “former child star” box that so many before her couldn’t break away from. She has a knack for pouring her heart and soul into her music, and she harnessed that emotion effortlessly on stage.

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Before tackling her most recent tear jerker “Stone Cold,” Nick joined Demi on stage to accompany her on the piano. Nick took over to finish off his set, with his tour mate standing in for Tove Lo during the summer hit “Close.” Moments like these were special, when we got to see the two friends interacting and performing together. Sadly, these moments were short-lived, and besides a few comments to the crowd, there wasn’t much fan interaction at all, either.

With barely a goodbye from Nick, Demi performed her warrior anthem “Skyscraper” and pumped up the party one more time with the ultimate summer jam, last year’s “Cool For The Summer.” The bi-curious banger was the perfect choice to end the show, blowing the roof off the Bell Center, and leaving the screaming crowd pumped up and wanting more. Unfortunately, there was no more. With no encore, the crowd was left cheering until the lights went on, and they reluctantly made their way home. The show seemed to fly by way too quickly.

While they were co-headliners, it still very much felt like a Demi Lovato show, featuring Nick Jonas, but that doesn’t mean the singer couldn’t hold his own on that stage. Both young stars proved they have come a long way from their Disney Channel youth, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.



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