Montreal, Show Reviews — July 31, 2016 at 11:56

Osheaga 2016 — Day 2


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Another beautiful day rose over Parc Jean-Drapeau and the stages of Osheaga as fans arrived for more music, activities and food, Montreal’s specialities.

Misterwives was one of the first acts on the Scene de la Montagne and they were so energetic it attracted a huge crowd so early in the day. Mandy Lee, their singer, was dancing all around the stage having an absolute blast that the audience couldn’t help but match her level of enthusiasm. She projects her voice with impressive power that she was constantly cheered on. She went into the pit and crossed the chasm between band and fans and interacted with them. Her contagious attitude was perfect to get the day started.

July Talk followed and they were very happy to be back at Osheaga. Their angry eccentric rock was even more entertaining thanks to the way they perform. The two singers acted out their songs by simulating arguments and teasing each other. Afterwards, Daughter was cheered onto the stage. They created a quieter intensity  with a misty ambience. Elena Tonra’s singing voice has this ability to seem pervasive, like it comes from every direction at once, which contrasted with the bashfulness in her voice as she thanked the crowd deeply for coming to see them. 


It was Bastille’s first time at Osheaga and they took the opportunity to play some new material. It’s safe to say that their next album is going to be fantastic! Dan left the stage to walk in the crowd to interact with fans up close.  Everyone sang along to their cover of “Rhythm of the Night,” after which it seemed like they were done, but that wouldn’t be possible without a rendition of “Pompeii,” which they lead into slowly, then picked up the pace. They really know how to get the crowd to going. 

The Barr Brother’s set up was quite impressive as they use a strange but intriguing contraption to make music that looked like it was out of a steampunk novel. Over on the Scene de la Vallee, Coeur de Pirate had fun with her fans, dancing around as she sang, notably her hit “Oublie-Moi.” The Last Shadow Puppets then put on a quirky and entertaining performance on the Scene Verte.


Death Cab For Cutie came onto the stage well dressed and ready to rock. Their new material got just as much love as their older songs, but the energy went up a notch for “Soul Meets Body.” The crowd alsowent crazy for their acoustic songs, especially “Transatlanticism” which closed their act beautifully.

Finally, Lana del Rey enticed the crowd with her deep, hypnotic voice. It was a mellow finale, she doesn’t dance with high energy, but her charm shines through her seductive demeanor. Per the request of an audience member, she actually covered “Chelsea Hotel No. 2” by Leonard Cohen acapella. She flowed through her songs gracefully until the very end.

Sadly, it will be Osheaga’s last day, but the best is yet to come with many more bands like Foals, Disclosure, and of course Radiohead!

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