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Pierce The Veil


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If you had told Pierce The Veil fans years ago that their favorites would one day play on the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, they probably wouldn’t have believed you. Not that they did not believe in their talent, but the fact is, very few post-hardcore acts make their way into mainstream – even less on television!  It was one more surprise to add to the magnificent months following the release of their newest album, Misadventures, and also one of the many ways the band said “thank you” to their fans. We talked with Jaime about the misadventures behind Misadventures and how they’ve grown throughout their 4 albums.

CONFRONT: Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions!

JAIME: No worries!

CONFRONT: Lots of fans found the wait between Collide with the Sky and Misadventures pretty long.  Is the name of the new album a reflection of this wait?

JAIME: Actually, yes, that’s exactly why it was named Misadventures.  It was like a road trip, a journey to finish this record so we’re really excited it’s done, really excited to show the fans!

CONFRONT: What was the process in writing this album?

JAIME: Well this one like I said we named Misadventures, because it got a little tricky.  It was a misadventure to make this album because we had a plan, a destination of where we were thinking of going, and as we were writing the record, stuff kind of happened, which kind of detoured us from finishing it up so the writing process itself was like we pretty much always do.  We had the same engineer that we had for CWTS and he’s one of the main reasons we sound like we do.  He’s really good at making us work hard, and his work ethic is insane.  He’s one of the guys you hear the story of “he’s the first one to show up, last one to leave!” he works as hard as we do or even harder because at the end of the day, this album is his baby as well. That was one thing we wanted from our producer, to be passionate about our music.  So we did everything the same way, get in the room, jam together the four of us.  We actually ended up creating two songs from scratch while recording, which is something we never had to do before. We’re glad this album is finally out!

CONFRONT: What were the two songs?

JAIME: The last two songs of the album Sambuca and Songs for Isabelle. They were written in the studio and recorded in three weeks (laughs).  And they turned out to be two of my favorite songs on the album!  We put them on the record last not because they’re not as good but because they were the last one to be done you know?

CONFRONT: Makes sense!  And musically, what was your evolution between CWTS and Misadventures?

JAIME: Every record we try to outdo ourselves.  I like to say that every time we make an album, it’s like a time capsule of the time and place we were at that time.  Like we listen to old records and I’m like “oh I remember this story! And this story!” and it’s very similar here. We try to be the best we can be, we try to be better musicians, better anything, try to up ourselves.  We were excited to do something new, something… better? We were at a place where we could be more creative. It’s one of those records where we could start stepping out of the box musically.

CONFRONT: You’ve mentioned listening to older albums made you remember older stories, and the impression I had while listening to Misadventures is that while CWTS was more centered on fans and their struggle, this album was more personal; was it one of the changes?

JAIME: Yes! Vic is the lyricist of the band and he writes very personal stuff.  We’re all very personal when we write and it’s what we wanna write and how we feel it at that time.  With this record we went with a lot of different styles of music and for him i think he dug deep and found a lot of personal meanings for these songs and that’s what we want — we want it real.  We’ve always been that kind of band that keeps it real.  We’re very open about how we handle things and how we do things and I think that’s the reason why we are where we’re at because we keep connected, we’re just four guys doing music and having a good time.  And the fact we’re able to do that is i think the reason fans understand us. We’re not trying to put that thing between us and our fans like… we’re just regular kids, we’re the same as they are just kids!

CONFRONT: That’s important to keep that connection!  You’ve released your album in Mexico City while release party usually happen in cities like Los Angeles and New York.  What was the idea behind releasing it in a city outside of the United States?

JAIME: For us it’s always been kind of a dream; personally I’m a 100% Mexican and I have a lot of family close to there.  I think just having something cool like that where we reconnect, and at this point in our career we have a lot of control over what we do, where we play so I think having that kind of show, shows we do it because we want to do it ourselves, not because the label tells us to.  Those fans are awesome!

CONFRONT:  So for you it’s a way to go back to your roots and say thank you.

JAIME: Yeah! it’s also to bring it to a place where they wouldn’t expect us to play and obviously people will talk like “OMG, did you hear about that band that played in Mexico City because they wanted to!” (laughs)

CONFRONT: It’s very cool!

JAIME: It’s cool! We were incredibly lucky to be able do it.

CONFRONT: You’ve also done a mini-tour throughout the United States where you’ve played Misadventures from A to Z.  Was it a way for you guys to get used to the songs and see which ones are the crowds’ favorites?

JAIME:  I think that was kind of just like… you know, this record took longer than the others and we’ve put so much work into it… it’s just like a thank you to all the fans that have been waiting so patiently.  And the fact they’ve waited so long… we’re not that kind of band who can go in studio every year and make an amazing album.  We took our time and we want to share with people what we’ve gone through.  I see this, not like a celebration, but more like a party, having a good time.  I have this tradition with my best friend where when we release an album, we drive around the car in the city and play the album, and we’ve done it for the 4 albums.  and I think it’s what it’s about, you want to share what you’ve worked so hard on.  and it will be the same vibe since it’s very small room, very intimate.  It’s a short tour, we’ll not do this again for the time being at least!

CONFRONT:  It’s a really good way to show your fans you care!  I know you’ll be doing a lot of touring for the rest of the year but I can’t help but ask: any plans to come to Canada?

JAIME: Canada, yes, we love Canada, we feel like we haven’t hit it as hard as we can, we wanna be up there as much as possible. That’s definitely in the works!  Where are you from?

CONFRONT:  I’m in Montréal!

JAIME: Oh, Montréal! It’s been a long time, it’s one of the place where we wish we could go more and I think we are gonna go.  We’re gonna try to be there extensively!

CONFRONT:  A lot of fans will be glad to hear this!  Anything you want to tell your fans?

JAIME:  Thank you . Thank you so much for hanging in there and hopefully the wait was worth it for the new record!

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