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Self-Titled EP Shadow The Wild


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Sometimes more than just love affairs start on a movie set. This time, it’s a music affair that began when San Francisco born but Los Angeles based singer Ari Welkom was playing a vampire killer and guitarist Fabian Hameline was an assistant director. Since that fateful meeting the duo eventually became a foursome during jam sessions. Now, complete and ready with the addition of drummer Adam Timmerman and Fabian’s brother, bassist Sebastien Hameline, they are releasing their debut EP Shadow The Wild on July 15.  And what a debut it is!

With just four songs the boys from Shadow The Wild create a mood and a vibe that takes you to another place, each song in its own way. As a whole, this debut EP is dark, mysterious, mesmerizing, versatile, melodic, sexy, and catchy.  Sebastien and Fabian were raised to interpret American rock with a French “je ne sais quoi” and this brings a very eclectic feel to the EP. The first track on Shadow The Wild, “Twin Flame”, starts of dreamy, psychedelic even, with a touch of glam rock added. This song, to me, is a sure-fire hit. It reminds me of the 80s but then with a whole new fresh attitude that is reminiscent of MGMT, Komox, and Foster The People. Yet, track three on this EP, “Kingdom Come”, is a lot darker, more seductive, and earthy than “Twin Flame”. Here, Ari’s voice takes you by the hand to a place where you won’t need dreams, because you live your dreams and fantasies without hesitation. This track reminds me of The Doors, but then upgraded to 2016. Vocals and music are perfect partners in crime and together they will steal your heart. “Hearts Like Clockwork” is an energetic rock tune that is infused with so many fun elements that you can listen to it over and over again. And then last but not least, “She Is The One” is funky, fresh, and cool as a summer shower.  It’s a great track for a sexy beach day that ends with dancing in a random club.

This debut EP might just really kick off things for Shadow The Wild. Want to celebrate their release with a live show? Well, if you happen to be in Hollywood on the 21st of July, you can! They are doing a free show at the Dirty Laundry.




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