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Watch: Digging Roots Release Video For “AK-47”


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Extremely current, not just with what happened in Orlando, Christina Grimmie, or the recent police shootings, but with what has been going on for ages, Digging Roots release a fitting video for their track “AK-47”. Digging Roots want more love, music, and truth and an end to (gun) violence and oppression. And if that isn’t a message the world needs, I don’t know what is.

ShoShona Kish and her husband Raven Kanatakta are the heart of this beautiful, creative, and eloquent musical group that formed in 2004. Their first album Seeds was released in 2006 and since then they released two more albums, We Are in 2009 and For The Light in 2014. Their most recent track “AK-47” is not merely a statement; it’s also simply a good song, with a killer chorus and a chilling bluesy vibe. The track is accompanied by a wonderfully psychedelic, creative, but thought provoking and strong video produced by musician and media artist Doug Bedard. “AK-47” is available for purchase on iTunes and you can catch Digging Roots live in Canada this summer too! For dates check their official website below.

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