CONFRONT Playlist — July 20, 2016 at 10:00

Woman Crush Wednesday: Lindsey Stirling


13533234_1195366083828910_2276339915291375531_nCredit: Facebook

It seemed fitting that with the announcement of fall tour dates and a brand new album out on August 19, that Lindsey Stirling would be our Woman Crush Wednesday. That and the fact that she’s just completely badass.

Before you say that almost purely instrumental just isn’t your thing, take two seconds to play anything by Lindsey Stirling. The American violinist was a quarter-finalist on America’s Got Talent and has released two studio albums, the third “Brave Enough” will be available for your listening pleasure on August 19. Stirling plays a wide variety of music including classical, pop, and rock. She’s also become well-known for the way she incorporates dub-step and electronic music alongside her violin.

I instantly fell in love with her as a musician when I stumbled on her haunting rendition of Lord of the Rings. She’s also covered massive soundtracks like Star Wars, Assassins Creed, Zelda, Phantom of the Opera and more.