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“We wanted something that would really connect with our music and connect with who we are as people and we wanted something that was raw and kind of wild and energetic, but also really intense.” – Caveboy

Caveboy is a Montreal-based band who played at Osheaga this year. They found time in their busy schedule to sit down and talk about their experience with festivals, the inspiration for their music and the lessons they’ve learned on their journey as a band so far.

Confront: So what do you think of Osheaga so far?

Caveboy: Amazing. So many people and everyone’s so great.

Confront: Your show went well?

Caveboy: Yeah it was super good. Nice crowd for the start of the day. More than what we expected.

Confront: How do festivals compare to regular shows?

Caveboy: Well regular shows often feel more intimate, and here there’s a big barricade between us and the crowd so there’s definitely that distance, but you can kind of go a little bit bigger and more exaggerated. It translates a little bit better.

Confront: How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it yet?

Caveboy: We like to say that we’re a mix of old and new, so we have the 70’s psychedelic rock influence and there’s this 80’s-ness about us, and at the same time we’re pretty current. We call it indie-dream pop. Sometimes you wanna dance, sometimes you just wanna groove.

Confront: What’s the story behind the name Caveboy?

Caveboy: We wanted something that would really connect with our music and connect with who we are as people and we wanted something that was raw and kind of wild and energetic, but also really intense. When we found the word caveboy, it resonated with us completely.

Confront: How did you come across it?

Caveboy: We just spent hours and hours and hours and hours thinking of things. There were a couple of months where we wouldn’t even have regular conversations, we would just say words and ask “how ‘bout this, how ‘bout this…” It’s kind of a gruelling process.

Confront: What was the main source of inspiration for your EP and what message is it trying to convey?caveboy_interview29072016_015

Caveboy: When we first decided to put that out, all the songs kind of have an element of growth as a theme. So growing out of things, growing into things, growing up, growing apart. Friends, family, loved ones. We really wanted it to kind of have that idea and be a little thematic that way.

Confront: What was it like to tour with Dear Rouge?

Caveboy: So fun, we actually just saw their set. They were great, super high energy as always.  That was one of the best tours we had. They were so nice and fun to hang out with. Their fans are super nice so they took well to our music as well. It was a really good team.

Confront: What lessons did you learn from them?

Caveboy: They showed us a lot of ropes and shared their experiences. They’ve been around a little bit longer than us. They tried to help us out as much as possible. Talked about gear, talked about business stuff, and they were super kind and generous with their knowledge.

Confront: Are there plans for a full-length album, more singles?

Caveboy: Yeah, probably both. Definitely gonna release some new singles and a new album in the new year.

Confront: What’s the most rewarding aspect of being in a band?

Caveboy: Getting to spend all these awesome moments, basically every day with best friends and sharing all this together. You never really feel like anything is  your own experience, it’s always shared together. We each bring different perspectives to it that helps all of us grow and see things in different ways. And getting to play music all the time and watching the crowd forget their problems and have an amazing time just for a little bit. If we had anything to do with that, it’s pretty amazing.

Confront: What would you say is your motto these days?

Caveboy: Fuck it. No, kidding [Laughs]. Just keep smiling, Don’t rush. Take your time. When we really care about something like we do about this, there’s no point in rushing. It’s hard to hold on to something, like you just want people to hear the new song or see the new video. But waiting is sometimes the best choice.

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