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Everything Everything


Everything Everything

photo by Janine Wong

Everything Everything shone brightly on their very first visit to Canada and their first show in Toronto during Embrace’s Time Festival. The four-piece have been playing festival shows throughout the world and brought their talents to the city, before the band’s set we sat down to hear from members Jonathan and Alex, we spoke about heading across the US border and what bands they would put on a bill. Hint, a familiar, well-known English rock band is who we would see on a festival curated by Jonathan and Alex, read more below.

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10981811_10152813220696497_8202901230828793850_nCONFRONT: How was crossing the border into the city?

Everything Everything: The Canadians were the most helpful people I’ve ever met, it was a total cliche

CONFRONT: How have fans reacted to the new record Get To Heaven?

Get To Heaven available on iTunes now

Everything Everything: A lot better than anything we’ve ever done, it’s nice to know we’re still growing as a band after two records and still doing something different that people like

CONFRONT: How do you hope the Toronto crowd will receive you on your set?

Everything Everything: I hope they like it and I hope they’re surprised by us

CONFRONT: What was the process during recording the latest album?

Everything Everything: The actual recording was fine, we spent about a year writing for many reasons but we’re so proud of what we’ve managed to achieve and if we didn’t go through that stress and been so hard on ourselves we would’ve never gotten there

CONFRONT: Was the whole album recorded in Manchester?

Everything Everything: No actually, it was recorded in Oxford. Some of it was done in Manchester, we did a lot of early demoing, recorded there and brought to the new place

CONFRONT: If you could create your own festival, and choose a lineup, what bands would you choose?

Everything Everything: Talk Talk, Deerhoof, Dirty Projectors and Radiohead opening.

CONFRONT: Do you prefer playing club shows or festival shows?

Everything Everything: Right now we’re doing both so that’s quite nice, you kind of yearn for one when you’re doing the other. When it’s like this, it’s pretty fun to mix it up

CONFRONT: How was travelling through the United States for shows?

Everything Everything: It was quite scary with a blissful landscape going from one town to the next, it was freaky going to service stations who were pro-Trump then you get to New York and it’s completely different. It’s really interesting to be in America during all this stuff going on

CONFRONT: How would you explain the political environment following the Brexit vote to an average Canadian?

Everything Everything: A lot of people don’t know, a majority of them decided to leave and mellow out, those people aren’t going to get what they wanted. It’s a sad time really, a lot of young people don’t vote and there’s a fault to be had how the system treats young voters

CONFRONT: Do you feel more compelled to speak about these issues using your platform as a band?

Everything Everything: Yes, it’s nice to have a platform. We never really wanted to be preachy, if I talk about these subjects I try to be even about it

CONFRONT: Where are you off to next?

Everything Everything: We’re playing a show in Washington, DC next, then more festival dates in the UK

Watch the “Dispant Past” music video below!

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