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In this double festival day (Ile Soniq was on the other side of the island), the temperature was crushing everyone even before the gates opened – under the sun, it could reach up to 40 degrees; everything was set for a day out of the ordinary!

Pop Evil

The Michigan rockers took the stage to the screams of thousands of metal heads already on site.  Hayley Cramer, the band’s new drummer, definitely became an instant fan favorites: she served energy and control, something fairly impressive considering she’s been in the band since last May!

The Dillinger Escape Plan

What should have been just another highly anticipated show turned out to be much more: earlier this week, the band announced they would break up and this show would probably be their last one in Montreal.  The fans gathered around Scène Heavy welcomed the band in a blaring way, creating mosh pits throughout their whole set.  With all the force injected in their performance, let’s hope this break up is more of a hiatus and sooner than later, they’ll be back in full force!

Escape the fate. Credit: Marie Claire Denis

Escape the fate. Credit: Marie Claire Denis

Escape The Fate

Being a favorite of mine, it is hard to stay impartial to the show they’ve played: metalcore has a bad reputation (and I don’t know why) but this set was met with unexpected enthusiasm and fun from by-passers and non-fans.  Bringing Montreal’s Max Georgiev on stage to perform with them gave an incredible boost to their set as the crowd lost it every time he addressed them in French.  The highlight was probably their brief cover of Guns and roses “paradise city” followed by their success “Gorgeous nightmare”.


Atlanta’s very own prog-metal band reached one of the biggest crowd of the day, which isn’t much surprising considering their legacy and how wide and blended their music style is.

Nightwish. Credit: Marie Claire Denis

Nightwish. Credit: Marie Claire Denis


Finland’s Nightwish were just one of the many Northern European acts of the weekend, but they showed just how great classical music can mesh with metal if it’s done correctly.  Lead by the mesmerizing Floor Jansen, every song was acclaimed by the public.  As the sun started to set, the wonderful “Élan” gave the water surrounding Ile Ste Helene a magical allure.

Cult of Luna

Fans were left with a harsh choice, as they had to choose between heavy rockers Five Finger Death Punch and prog-metal’s Cult of Luna.  For those of us who opted for the second option, the band served an incomparable set, filled with long instrumental moments.  It really gave Heavy Montreal an interesting option, as their music was way more mellow than many of the bands on the bill, but still gathering lots of fans during their set.  Cult of Luna will also be playing at L’Astral tonight, playing “somewhere Along the Highway” in its entirety as a celebration of the album’s 10 years.


Today will be the second and last day of this edition of Heavy Montreal.  Don’t forget to stay hydrated and energetic as many other bands will keep us on our feet for the whole day, starting at 1PM with Michigan’s I Prevail!

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